Course And Activity

Mr Tam Siu-wai

青少年粵劇演員訓練班 - 唱科導師



保良局中學粵劇課程課程 - 唱科導師




A senior musician in Cantonese Opera. Over the years, he has been taking the role of pacing in many major Cantonese Opera troupes in Hong Kong. Apart from serving as the music leader and music designer of many Cantonese Opera troupes, he also participated in the music leadership or music design works of Cantonese opera records. Mr Tam was once the director of the "Yao Yueh Chinese Music Association" and the artistic consultant of the "Zhuhai City Drama Artists Association". He is currently a board member of the "Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong", the board member of the "Hong Kong Po Fook Tong Cantonese Opera Musicians' Association Limited" and the chairman of "Siu Ngai Music Society".