The Course for Young Cantonese Opera Performers

Course And Activity

Introduction to the Course

This four-year training course officially accepted students in 2009. Through the training provided by dedicated, professional instructors and experienced actors in Cantonese Opera, students aged between 13 and 20 years can learn and refine their skills in five different aspects, namely singing skills, basic skills, Tan Zi Gong (blanket sequences) skills, Bazi Gong (martial arts with weapons), and performance skills through lectures, demonstrations, basic training in Cantonese Opera skills and hands-on practice. By adopting a step-by-step, talent-based training approach, the new generation of successors can learn and refine their skills in the Cantonese Opera art under the most ideal learning environment. The semester ends in July or August of each year, in which the learning progress of the students throughout the year is presented to identify rooms for improvement.


Current-term students

2020-21 First grade

2020-21 Third grade

Potential Graduates

1st Graduates ( 2009-2013 )

Tam Wing Lun Alan

Leung Sum-yee Angel

NG Lap Hei

Ng Sin Hang

Kwong Tsz-wong

Jackie Leung

2nd Graduates ( 2011-2015 )

Leung Fei Tung

Yuen Huk-wai

NG Sze Wing

Lui Chi Fung

Lam Pui Ka Kali

3rdGraduates( 2013-2017 )

So Premium Jiny

Wan Chi Hung

Tse Siu Ki

Lee.Ching Yan Ruby

Li Zi Rui

4nd Graduates( 2015-2019 )

Yip Wing Yi

Wong Cheuk Ki

Chan Shuk Lai

Wong Yeuk Ning

Kwok Chun Hang

Cheung Siu Lun

5nd Graduates( 2016-2020 )

Hon Tak kwong

Kwong Shing Kwan