Course And Activity

Lui Hung Kwong


Son of Mr Lui Yuk Lang, renowned actor in the field of Cantonese Opera. Graduated in the first cohort from the Guangzhou Cantonese Opera School in 1958, he was later transferred to the Class for Young Actors of the Guangdong Province Cantonese Opera College for elitist training. He formally became an apprentice-pupil of the renowned clown-role actor Wen Juefe and specialized in roles of comic role and military role. Following his graduation, Mr Lui became the leading comic role of the Third Troupe of Guangdong Province Cantonese Opera College.

Committed to the development and inheritance of Cantonese Opera, Mr Lui continued to work in the field of Cantonese Opera after moving to Hong Kong. Over the years, he has been playing the military role in major troupes, including the Rising Star Cantonese Opera Troupe. He is currently a committee member for the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Development Fund.